Here are some helpful answers to common questions about what we do at Nigerdock.

How do I apply to join Nigerdock?

Click on the relevant vacancy link and you will be directed to an online application portal where you can submit your resume. All applications are made via our online HR system.  

Does Nigerdock hire students, interns, and new graduates?

We engage students who seek opportunities for internship placement or industrial attachment for a duration of 3-12 months, and in line with our strategic manpower requirements

What is the closest jetty to your terminal?

We have a jetty in Tincan, adjacent to MRS and PTML.  

How does the Nigerdock process work?

Clearing Agents provide the following information:

  • Bill of Laden
  • Packing List 
  • Agency License
  • Letter of Authority from the consignee
  • Assessment from Customs 

What is the Terminal Code on the NICIS Platform?

Snake Island – TC 015.

Do you do call ups?


Do you accept trucks with call-ups from another Terminal?

Yes, for a limited period. 

Is there Customs availability at Nigerdock?


Can we print exit in Nigerdock?

Yes, SIMCO will print the exit from the NICIS platform.

What are the sizes of Nigerdock docks?

(1) Dry dock: 200m(L) 34m (W) 6m draft, Capacity 25,000 DWT, and two 20(T) rail cranes. (2) Floating Dock 115m (L) 17m (W) 5m draft, capacity 3500 DWT, and 20(T) rail cranes.

What are the services provided by Nigerdock shipyard?

(1) Hull Preservation (2) Mechanical (3) General Services (4) Electrical and Electronics. Click here to learn more about our Marine Services. 

Does Nigerdock offer repair services at the quayside?

Yes, but only limited services are offered at the quayside.

What are the dimensions and draft of the quay?

186m quay with a depth of 6m, 100m quay with a dept of 6m, 70m quay with a dept of 8.5m.

Can Nigerdock provide OEMs?

Yes, Nigerdock works with international OEMs to provide on time quality work at competitive pricing. 

Does Nigerdock allow crews to undertake some repair during docking?

Yes, repair jobs above water may be carried out by the client during docking, while adhering to stringent safety requirements. 

Does Nigerdock insurance cover the client's vessel?

Nigerdock’s insurance provides cover to a limit of USD5,000,000 for loss or damage to any vessel or craft in its custody or control.

How does a client confirm docking time?

A client’s assigned docking time is confirmed after the client has paid the required 20% deposit to secure a slot. 

Does Nigerdock provide an extension letter?

Yes, but the client must meet some certain criteria.

Can Nigerdock provide tugs to bring the vessel in?

Yes, but according to our T&C’s it is the owner's responsibility.

Why is there a charge from SIMCO when bringing items on to the island?

Snake Island Integrated Free Zone is an economic area covered under the NEPZA act.

Does Nigerdock own Snake Island Integrated Free Zone (SIIFZ)? 

Nigerdock is the promoter of Snake Island Integrated Free Zone (SIIFZ).  

What are the advantages of setting up your business within SIIFZ?

SIIFZ offers quick free zone registration and quality facilities management. Read more about the advantages here 

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