Total Egina FPSO Fabrication Contract

Offshore Fabrication
About This Project

In September 2014, Nigerdock was awarded the contract for the fabrication of various components required for the Egina FPSO Project. The components to be fabricated included LQ Blocks, Laydown Area, Crew Boat and Supply Boat Berthing Structure, Vertical Caissons (Jockey, Services and AFT Fire Pump), Helideck and Supports, Radar Mast; all with a total fabrication weight of 1,834 tons.

In December 2014, a second contract was awarded to Nigerdock under same Project. The items to be fabricated under this contract were the Flare Tower Structure, Access Tower, Crane Pedestal AFT & Bow, Work Boat Structure, Riser and I tubes Protection Structure, Mooring Line Protection Structure, Vertical Caissons (Disposal, Lift and Fwd Fire Pumps), Caisson Protectors, Riser and I tubes supports, Forward Muster Station and Riser Porch. The total weight of items to be fabricated is under this scope is 5,502 tons.

The summary level scope of work for the contracts includes engineering and shop drawings, NDE map, cutting plan, welding specification, offloading, stowage and preservation of free issue materials, fabrication, painting, assembly and outfitting installation for structure, NDE test, load-out, sea-fastening of fabricated items and other activities as may be needed.